D0UBLE ZER0 is a french type foundry founded in 2022 by Malou Verlomme. Our fonts are made with love and crafted to the highest quality.

We are totally independent and this website is the sole distributor of our fonts and products.

The system is the system is the foundry

We like to conceive font families as large systems where type becomes malleable and adaptable. All our fonts abide to the strict rules of the D0UBLE ZER0 Manifesto, therefor they also create a larger system. They are all calibrated in the same manner, so every variable is interchangeable. The idea is to have the largest possible palette flow with ease and agility. Our variable fonts, are state of the art, featuring a rich 4 axis design space. In other words, a hypercube. How many cubes do you see in this illustration?

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We’re always happy to discuss potential projects, custom fonts, modifications, etc. or just hear your feedback!