Font licenses

Licenses might be the most boring part of running a foundry. Yet they’re at the very heart of the business, and they sometimes tell more about the foundry’s philosophy than any other part of the shop.

Our philosophy is simple : our fonts are free until they get used in a commercial project. This is why we have two licenses: Commercial and non-commercial. Our Non-commercial license is totally free and contains full working fonts in all formats (otf and variable). Our Commercial license is priced on company size and is perpetual, with unlimited medias and usage. We believe this is the most simple, effective and fair possible model.

This means that if you want to use our fonts for pitching a project to a client, for student work or a charity project, our fonts are free! Just remember that the day one of our non-commercial fonts gets used in a commercial project, the company in charge needs to buy a commercial license, based on their number of employees.

Download non-commercial fonts for free